About us

  • Individual solutions for your business

Typical areas where we support our customers include:

  • Flexible financing of growing accounts receivable due to increased turnover or day sales outstanding
  • Financing based on individual receivables or a portfolio of receivables in order to provide flexibility for base and/or peak financing needs
  • Diversification of companies’ financing structures using a rating-independent asset-based instrument
  • Improvement of key performance indicators relating to working capital
  • Preparation and implementation of working capital financing for the acquisition or sale of companies/parts of companies
  • Optimisation of supply chain financing
  • Optimisation of receivables management and bad debt coverage

We offer non-recourse factoring and forfeiting in undisclosed or disclosed form. Our solutions can be structured in a way that is invisible for your customers and therefore does not interfere with your business relations.

If you sell receivables before 10 a.m. GMT, liquidity will be provided on the same day.

With our factoring solution, you can draw the liquidity out of our purchase price according to your needs, which gives you full control over the cost of interest. With our forfeiting solution, you decide when and to what extent you sell receivables. Fees and interest are only charged on receivables that have actually been sold and liquidity that has actually been drawn. This gives you complete cost control.

Our IT platform and software package provides up-to-date support for lean handling and customised information needs. This means that receivables sales should usually not require more than 15 minutes of your time each day (according to a survey among our customers).

If you want to learn more about how we can support your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.